I Love Macroalgae

Hello and Welcome to my Livealgae Blog.
I love marine #macroalgae and as there are so many varieties, which are very different to care for, I thought it is the right time now to start this blog.  Sure there are a lot of explanations about macroalgae out there, but unfortunately often just about the basic care facts. But there are so many more things to know about, that they will do best in your tank and not cause any problems with your corals or fishes.
I keep macroalgae since 14 years now, and I lost some over the years, but most of them do luckily very well in my three tanks. So I will give you for each algae species I write about, beside of the basic care fact, my individual experience and recommendation.
Let’s share the passion and the knowledge, and maybe some algae too . And if you are not already macroalgae addicted like me…
Perhaps this blog will persuade you into the beautiful world of marine macroalgae…
My passion for marine macroalgae was born 14 years ago, when I got a nice Yellow Tang. Surely a very common fish, but a beautiful one with a sweet personality.
Unfortunately after a while I noticed that he became more and more aggressive towards the other fishes when it came to food.
So I started to give him dried Nori Algae to keep him calm, which worked quite well. He loved it, and always tried to protect it from others.
Looking for a more natural and permanent food solution for him the journey started.
And here I am now !
Marine Macroalgae Halimeda Incrassata for the Marine Aquarium
The beautiful diversity of marine macroalgae caught me and I collected so far around 20 different colorful and beautiful looking varieties.
To share the passion with you, and to exchange knowledge about marine macroalgae I am looking forward to hear from you.



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